from long ago

Of courage, strength, and hope

Available Februrary 22: The Islands Call: A Time Travel Adventure

Gino makes his money writing a phony astrology column and playing fortune teller for party entertainment. Sara, a fraud investigator, has visions of the future that always come true—and she’ll do anything to keep it a secret. When Gino goes sailing with his cousin in Italy, Sara agrees to cat-sit for him.

Then he disappears.

His friends and family presume he has drowned, but Sara knows he’s still alive. But can she help him without revealing her biggest secret? Gino washes up on a gravel beach in 1348. The Black Death is ravaging the country, and they take astrology much more seriously than Gino ever has. How can he get back to his twenty-first century life?

Why I Write


Do you believe history is alive with amazing insights? Me too. I love the people, the events, the undiscovered stories that carry so much hope! Those are the elements I love to write about. (And I’m guessing you love to read about.) Will you join me?

My writing will take you on a journey that pushes through pain, requires courage, and brings the hope of happiness. I love weaving together stories to inspire our current generation through the triumphs of the past. My hope is that my books will help you discover the past and relive history, giving you a new appreciation for the life you’re living.

In my blogs I focus on fun and excitement. I share traveling escapades that are near and dear to my heart. At the top of the list is Italy, where I have travelled several times. I absolutely love the culture. The food, the architecture of villas, palaces, and cathedrals, and endless historical sites all draw my attention.


Despite different cultures and historical times, we have much in common with people of the past—our human passions and the desire to bring them to life. The sense of belonging and strength we find in family and friends. The weaknesses we must overcome to reach our goals. The characters I write about reflect this.

I invite you to take part in my journey. I love connecting with my readers. And I believe the more this group grows the better writer I will become. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sandy Frykholm

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