Writing and publishing a book can be a long road, a road scattered with doubts and fears, and rutted with the bumps of life going on as you write. I worked steadily for about three years to write the story of The Drive in ’65, and a few months ago I entered a contest as an unpublished memoir.

Last week I learned that I won!

The Cascade Awards are given each year at Oregon Christian Writers summer conference. You can imagine how encouraged I was to be honored as the winner in the unpublished memoir category. Two agents at the conference also requested the manuscript–I hope to find representation with an agent soon, who would then seek a publisher on my behalf.

In the meantime I have received lots of encouragement from fellow writers at the conference and a throng of Facebook friends and family members. Among my ‘fan base’ is my five year old granddaughter, Cosette, whose excitement has been a delight to me. 

I hope future readers of my books are this enthusiastic!